Life-Saving Science

The Science Behind UOC

Universal Oxygen Carrier (UOC) represents a paradigm shift in transfusion medicine and life-saving blood oxygenation therapy. 

The inception of UOC began with a profound understanding of the physiological mechanisms governing oxygen delivery. Insights into carbohydrate science has led to the creation of this revolutionary product, making UOC essentially invisible to the human immune system. As a result, UOC circumvents the issue of immune rejection commonly found with other blood substitutes.

UOC: A Different Kind of HBOC
UOC is a hemoglobin-based oxygen carrier (HBOC) designed to mimic the oxygen transportation function of red blood cells. The first HBOC was discovered in the mid-1930’s. 
While HBOC’s show promise as a blood alternative, there are side-effects associated with HBOC’s, such as high blood pressure, and the risk of organ damage. Unlike other HBOC’s, UOC has no known side-effects. 
UOC can be used with patients of all blood types and is absorbed naturally into the body. UOC is also shelf-stable, requiring no refrigeration and with a storage life of 5+ years in liquid or dehydrated form. 
How UOC Works
UOC utilizes a heme-carbohydrate complex, which involves the separation of the heme group from the globin portion of the hemoglobin molecule. This complex is then linked to a carefully selected sugar molecule, creating an oxygen-carrying molecule thousands of times smaller than a red blood cell. The size differential is pivotal, potentially allowing UOC to traverse the circulatory system with greater ease and deliver oxygen more efficiently to hypoxic tissues.
As we stand on the brink of a new era in medical science and global health, Universal Oxygen Carrier (UOC) emerges as a beacon of hope and innovation. The Heme Foundation, driven by a vision to transcend the limitations of traditional blood transfusion practices, presents UOC as a groundbreaking solution capable of bridging the chasm caused by global blood shortages.
The journey towards securing regulatory approval for the Universal Oxygen Carrier (UOC) as a therapeutic agent involves a comprehensive and expedited timeline, with the goal of navigating the process within 3 years upon securing at least $10 million in funding. This timeline is crafted to ensure that the necessary clinical trial phases and regulatory reviews are completed efficiently, with a focus on the milestones that will mark progress at each stage.

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